Our Team

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    Andrea Ardiles

    Andrea has lived, studied, and worked overseas in Argentina, Venezuela, Peru, United States, and France. Andrea graduated in civil engineering summa cum laude from Georgia Tech and began her career in the hydropower branch at MWH Global. During her weekends she started working part time on Learning Goal and decided to quit her civil engineering job to work on her dream fulltime. 


    Andrea has many motives to work for children, as her family is part of the too small percentage of Peruvian families which were able to break the vicious cycle of poverty. She is part of the group of persons which believe education can transform lives.

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    Edgar Escalante
    Director of Operations

    Edgar worked at the United Nations agency United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). He won the Odebrecht Award for Sustainable Development and was a researcher at the Japan International Cooperation Agency in assessing infrastructure and soil quality during post-earthquake reconstruction. Since 2006, Edgar volunteers at Techo-Peru and has worked as Training Coordinator and Press Coordinator.


    Edgar is convinced that to eradicate poverty, equal opportunities that generate social welfare is important, and to achieve it the implementation of education with values for all children is needed in environments that can offer safety, comfort and motivate learning.

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    Jorge Ramirez
    Director of External Affairs

    Jorge currently works for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. He served in the U.S. Navy for five years and left the service to pursue higher education. Jorge holds both bachelor and master of science degrees in civil engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology with a focus on structural engineering.


    Jorge has firsthand experience on the impact of education and its importance in improving quality of life. He is a firm believer that the best tools to overcome poverty are education and an ongoing pursuit of knowledge. He joined Goal to share his experience and inspire children with limited opportunities to reach for their dreams.

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    No experience is required to make impact, we can all make a difference and together achieve a better future for the children. You’re welcome to be part of the Goal team, we are all Learning Goal.