Why Peru?

Peru is a multiethnic country with an estimated population of 30 million people, where many children come from poor households and live in extreme poverty. Children whose native language is not Spanish have the least resources and are at major disadvantage. There are actually very few with access to quality education.

Amongst the 65 countries which participated in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) evaluation, Peru placed last in reading comprehension, math, and science (OECD).


The education results are evidence of the poor quality and reveal the amount of work to be done. Even worse, the education inequality gap between rural and urban areas is huge. Quality infrastructure is in high demand but there is scarce government funding.


Every child has a right to learn and have quality education. Guaranteeing a quality education is a significant and an effective step in breaking the vicious cycle of poverty. We firmly believe that quality education is the key for achieving equality.